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Alternative Energy & Solar Solutions designs and builds the highest performing solar energy systems in the industry that power businesses, government and agricultural facilities and residential homes.


Alternative Energy & Solar Solutions is a company dedicated to creating sustainable solutions to the environmental and economic challenges presented by the growing global demand for energy. Solar power provides that.


Our team has extensive experience and a passion for the business. We aim to provide solar solutions with the highest return on investment. We have built solid relationships with the top solar vendors in the industry, which enables us to get, solar panels, solar hot water systems, and materials to build systems on schedule. Our design and installation teams deliver carefree, turnkey solar systems to our customers, who love our world-class customer care.

  • Receive a 30% federal tax credit for installing solar products.
  • On average, solar hot water heating systems reduce water heating bills 50% - 80%.
  • Solar power is free, decreasing your dependence on unstable fuel prices.
  • Solar power is green and emits zero greenhouse gasses.


Adding a solar electric or solar hot water heating system in your home or business is an easy way to take advantage of regional incentives, invest in your home or business value and protect the environment by using clean, renewable solar energy.

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Designed to blend into today's architecture and home style, solar panels and solar hot water systems fit with our modern lifestyle.

Designed for both homeowner and business applications.

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